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Island Realty Group - Success since 2009!

What make a successful Realtor®

The answer is quite simple and while experience is definitely one of the most important factors there are other traits that are equally important. As broker and owner of Island Realty Group I have practiced in every aspect of real estate since 1983 so I know all too well what through first-hand experience what makes a good Realtor® . These are the same traits you'll find in an Island Realty Group agent:

  1. Accessibility - A “good” is easy to reach. They have mobile email, a cell phone, office phone and take advantage of technology. They may not always be able to respond immediately, but still know that you are seeking information from them.
  2. Reliability - A “good” Realtor® is not only accessible, but reliable in getting back to you with a response. You should not have to make several phone calls for several days in order to get a response from your Realtor®.
  3. Communication - A “good” Realtor® will clearly explain how the process works and keep you informed along the way.
  4. Experience - A “good” Realtor® has the experience to help predict and hopefully avoid any roadblocks that may occur through the sales process.
  5. Professionalism- A “good” Realtor® exhibits a courteous, conscientious and business-like manner. Their appearance and office setting should be professional.
  6. Honesty - A “good” Realtor® will not withhold information from you or keep potential clients or houses from you.
  7. Sociable - A “good” Realtor® should be polite and friendly and never make you feel rushed.
  8. Maximizer - A “good” Realtor® will market your home using the MLS, internet, mailings and other forms of advertising in order to help you get the highest price possible for your home on terms most beneficial to you.

Your real estate sale or purchase is one of the most important events in your life so don't jump into choosing a Realtor® without first talking with them in-depth to make sure they are a right fit. You need to feel as comfortable with them as you will be spending alot of time together!

    Joseph C. Zarroli
    Broker of Record
    1701 New Jersey Avenue
    North Wildwood, New Jersey 08260

Office: 609.522.4999  
Cell: 609.402.8900  
Fax: 866.571.9766  
Email: Joe@IRGroupNJ.com  

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